Dental Assistant Training Baltimore

At Hands On Dental Assistant Training, expect quality education for aspiring dental assistants with flexible course schedules from our location in Rockville, MD. The training we provide is aimed at producing competently educated professionals who will be ready to take on the duties of dental assistants in a practical setting. Here, we prepare you for your future career in dentistry.

Your dental assistant training in Baltimore program.

Dental Assistant School Marketing

If you have a dental assistant school, you know how important it is to fill all of the seats in your sessions. Empty seats mean less money in you bank account – and who wants that?

That’s where we come in. We specialize in dental assistant school marketing, and we can make your phone ring with prospective students.

Our innovative marketing system guarantees to make your phone ring, and our rates are as low as $13.50 per call.

Let’s do the math. If we can get you get 100 additional calls per session, and you turn one out of every four calls into students paying you $2,000 tuition, you can make an additional 25 x $2,000 = $50,000 every session!

Stop reading and learn how to market your dental assistant school.

Transitional Care – What Is It?

Are transitional care support services right for your health care company? Go to to find out.

What is transitional care?

Transitional care is the coordination of care from one health care setting to another.

Usually from a hospital, skilled nursing facility or assisted living center to hospice or home.

Is transitional care support services right for you?

For more information, go to:

Learn More About Transitional Care:…